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What’s in a Milkshake?

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    Mmm...a milkshake at Standard Diner would satisfy your craving.

    Mmm…a milkshake at Standard Diner would satisfy your craving.

    What’s in a milkshake? A lot more than you’d think! From its history to its ingredients, milkshakes are anything but simple (yet still delicious!).

    Milk and… Whiskey?

    The first use of the word “milkshake” in print referred to an alcoholic drink. It was a thick drink reminiscent of eggnog that included whiskey. However, by 1900, the word “milkshake” meant a drink made with chocolate, vanilla or strawberry syrup and milk. They continued to grow in popularity and were found at malt shops and other soda fountains.

    It’s difficult to talk about the history of the milkshake without talking about the history of the electric blender, however. Before the invention of the blender, milkshakes were thinner (read: made without ice cream) so they could be hand-shaken. With the invention of the blender in 1922, however, thicker ingredients could be used to create a light, frothy mixture.

    With the newly-created blender, Walgreen’s employee Ivar Coulson created the modern-day milkshake by adding two scoops of ice cream to their malted milk recipe.

    The Walgreen’s “Our Past” page claims this Walgreen’s original recipe for Old Fashioned Chocolate Malted Milk:

    1. Use a frosted malt can
    2. 1 ½ oz. chocolate syrup
    3. 1–#16 dips of vanilla ice cream
    4. 5 ½ oz. of cold milk
    5. Add malt powder (one heaping tablespoonful)
    6. Place on mixer only until mixed — do not over mix
    7. Use a generous portion of whipped topping in a #1808—10 oz. glass
    8. Pour malted milk in a glass approximately 2/3 full
    9. Serve remainder of malted in a shaker along with the glass to the guest with straws and package of fountain treat cookies

    And thus the milkshake we know and love today was born!

    Milkshake Tips

    Want to make a milkshake at home? Here are a few tips to make your milkshake amazing:

    • Put your glass in the freezer to chill it
    • Make sure your ice cream is soft, but not runny. It will help create the right consistency
    • Use two to three scoops of your favorite ice cream, 2 ounces of milk and any flavorings you want.
    • Leave out the ice — it will only water down the milkshake. If you want a thinner milkshake, add more milk
    • Whip it up!

    If you don’t have a blender, don’t worry. A bowl and a whisk will work well too!

    And when you’re craving a milkshake but you don’t really want to make one yourself, Standard Diner has the solution! Our gourmet shakes are blended perfectly for the thick, creamy deliciousness you want in flavors that include:

    • Espresso
    • Guinness
    • Apricot
    • Crème Brulee
    • Cherry Almond
    • Chocolate S’more
    • Chocolate
    • Vanilla
    • Shake of the Moment

    Come satisfy your craving at Standard Diner!

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